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Want To Go For A Dive?

Seawolves JMiller COMMENTS 06 Dec, 2017

Looking to go out for a dive? Join the Seawolves for club dives twice weekly! We have dives meeting at the Halifax shop on both Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am. There is no charge to dive with us. Memberships are available for discounted rentals and free air fills among other things. So check out the schedule by clicking the link below.

The weather is great and the Seawolves Dive club is in full swing again. Many of you have been diving all year, but with the warmer weather, and longer days more divers are joining us. Speaking of divers joining us, Justin Miller, Manager of Torpedo Rays will be attending all the Wednesday Club dives. He'll be joining other DMs and Instructors that already attend regularly. This year we're adding more BBQs, dive sites, and fun to the dives. Justin can even run some basic on-demand specialties. Just ask him how. Email Justin anytime at Justin@Torpedorays.com


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