Torpedo Rays Scuba Rentals

Torpedo Ray Scuba rental fleet is refreshed every year!

Rentals Available

Drop by either store to rent the gear you want.
Rentals over one week save 50%.

Rental Pricing

PKG Rental Packages Daily Rate Weekend Rate
PKG Rental Packages Daily Rate Weekend Rate
OW Open Water Course Mask/Snorkel/Fins N/A $50
AOW Adv. Open Water Course Full Rental N/A $110
WS Wetsuit Package $30 $45
FP Full Scuba Package $70 $100
PKG Rental Item Daily Rate Weekend Rate
FP, AOW(X2) Tank (Aluminum) $18 $25
Tank (Steel) $25 $35
FP, AOW Regulator System $25 $35
Regulator System W/ Dry Whip $28 $40
FP, AOW BCD (weight pockets included) $19 $28
WS, FP, AOW Ocean Wetsuit $20 $30
Shorty Wetsuit $10 $15
Drysuit* $50 $75
WS, FP, AOW Boots $10 $15
WS, FP, AOW Mitts $8 $12
WS, FP, AOW Hood $8 $12
WS, FP, AOW Weight Belt $15 $24
OW Fins $13 $19
OW Mask/Snorkel $20 $30
AOW Dive Light $20 $30
* To rent a drysuit you must be certified as a Drysuit Diver, or have received a drysuit orientation from Torpedo Rays.
--The Fine Print--
All equipment must be rinsed before returning or it will be subject to a $10 rinsing fine. Customer is responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged gear. Gear must be returned by 11am on weekends and 6pm on weekdays