DAN Basic Life Support:

CPR and First Aid

Medical Questionnaire

You will need to complete the questionnaire before your course begins. If all your answers are NO, then you do NOT need to see a doctor. If you can answer YES to any of the questions on the form, you will need a doctor's approval to dive. Students will be unable to start their course without an approved medical, if required. Please call us for details.

Please download and review this form before your course. Download Medical (.pdf) (right click, and select "save as" if you have difficulty)

Executive Upgrade

The executive upgrade is applicable to any learning package.

For an additional $219.99 to the course price, we include the optional equipment for divers interested in owning some of the most common personal items, at an affordable price with free boots and a log book!

  • ProBlue Dive Mask
  • Mares Semi-Dry Snorkel
  • Mares X-3 Superchannel Fins
  • Free 7mm Akona wet boots
  • Free Torpedo Rays Logbook

Who should take this course?

The American Heart Association states that cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) provided by a bystander immediately after sudden cardiac arrest can double or triple a victim's chance of survival. Brain death starts to occur four to six minutes after someone experiences cardiac arrest if no CPR and defibrillation occurs during that time. This course will help prepare you to handle cardiovascular events and other life-threatening incidents. Meets ILCOR/AHA 2010 Guidelines.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to perform CPR, use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and become familiar with the signs and symptoms associated with heart attacks and respiratory arrest. Managing shock and controlling external bleeding are other skills covered that can help save lives.

    You will learn about:
  • Primary & Secondary Assessments
  • Signs & symptoms of common medical emergencies
  • Stroke Assessment
  • You will develop the following skills:
  • Initial and secondary assessments
  • Recovery position technique
  • CPR techniques
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) use
  • Obstructed airway management
  • Control of external bleeding
  • Bandaging, wound management and splinting
  • Shock management

Purchase a Package

Standard DAN CPR-FA Course


Online eLearning Course

In-Store Classroom and Practical Session

Included in the cost of the course is a Non-refundable $50 deposit. The deposit can be applied to any course if you need to put the course off for a period of time.

2018 Course Schedule

Choose either our weekend or weekday evening schedules to meet you needs.

Course Number Schedule Class / Pool Ocean
EFR 118 Tues Feb 20 N/A
EFR 218 Wed Mar 21 N/A
EFR 318 Thurs April 19 N/A
EFR 418 Tues May 15 N/A
EFR 518 Wed Jun 13 N/A
EFR 618 Thurs Jul 12 N/A
EFR 718 Tues Aug 7 N/A
EFR 818 Wed Sept 12 N/A
EFR 918 Thurs Oct 18 N/A
EFR 1018 Tues Nov 13 N/A
EFR 1118 Thurs Dec 12 N/A