• Treasure Hunt

    Sunday September 10th
    20th Annual Treasure Hunt
    9am, Hubbards Beach Campgroud
    - Hundreds of Prizes -

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20th Annual Treasure Hunt

It's that time of year again! The Torpedo Rays' 20th annual "Treasure Hunt". This is a fund raising event that we will hold on Sept 10th 2017 at Hubbard's Beach, NS. All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Children's Trust Fund Charity.

The first 200 participants get a Free commemorative T-Shirt. There is also a Free BBQ and beach events for the whole family.

The way this event works is: Scuba divers are invited to participate in a treasure hunt whereby they look for golf balls on the ocean floor. Each golf ball has a number on it, and when it is found, it is entered into a random draw for a variety of prizes. There will be a BBQ, charity auction, contests for the kids and scavenger hunt for all participants and their families. At last years event we have had over 200 divers -- that means more than $5,000 can be raised for charity. Last year the Treasure Hunt was the largest Scuba diving event in Canada!

Come join us and make this year's hunt even larger!


PADI Open Water Referral Courses

We offer referral courses during the winter months to expedite dive training for people headed to warm beaches with lots of sun. Just do your diving done down south!
The PADI Open Water Diver course is typically comprised of three components. With a Torpedo Rays Referral Course you'll do the first 2 components with us, and the ocean dives down south. Here's how it breaks down:

  • Academic Curriculum - Completed Online
  • Pool (Confined Water) Training - Completed in the pool
  • Ocean (Open Water) Training - Done on vacation!

The benefit of the referral course is that you will get top notch, local instruction on the academic curriculum, and pool training.
Then, the best part is you finish your ocean training abroad on your vacation. No class rooms and no book work on your holiday. Only diving, and lots of fun!


Mares Quad Computer

Mares latest dive computer. Magnificently clear, super user-friendly and with a wealth of great features! Clear display with jumbo size information, two customizable fields for ancillary information and four buttons for intuitive user interface. The Quad Computer has mirrored button function during dive, option to view dive time including seconds and a runaway decompression alarm. This multi-gas capable computer has a decompression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval and a long battery life, with a user replaceable CR2450 battery.


Sea Vu Full Face Snorkel Mask

This style of snorkeling mask has been sold in Europe for several years and now the new improved model has come to the Canada! Designed and manufactured in Italy by the Ocean Reef company, this updated, newly patented product is ready to take over industry. If you rent or borrow snorkeling equipment, this is one product you simply must get for yourself!


Dust Off The Cobwebs With A PADI reActivate Course

It's like riding a bike, except under water. Life in Canada tends to be cold in the winter, and many divers choose to save their diving for a trip to fun in the sun. The only problem is, you can't remember which end the air comes out of.
The PADI Scuba Tune Up is a one evening event consisting of a brief classroom session, and then some time in the pool. Designed to refresh your skills and dive knowledge, this fulfils the requirement for many resorts and dive venues down south.
This course is scheduled on demand and there are no course minimums. So, sign up any time!


Want to go for a dive?

Looking to go out for a dive? Join the Seawolves for club dives twice weekly! We have dives meeting at the Halifax shop on both Wednesdays at 5:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am. There is no charge to dive with us. Memberships are available for discounted rentals and free air fills among other things. So check out the schedule by clicking the link below.
The weather is great and the Seawolves Dive club is in full swing again. Many of you have been diving all year, but with the warmer weather, and longer days more divers are joining us. Speaking of divers joining us, Justin Miller, Manager of Torpedo Rays will be attending all the Wednesday Club dives. He'll be joining other DMs and Instructors that already attend regularly. This year we're adding more BBQs, dive sites, and fun to the dives. Justin can even run some basic on-demand specialties. Just ask him how. Email Justin anytime at Justin@Torpedorays.com

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